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Estradiol Hemihydrate (a derivative of Estradiol) is reported as an ingredient of Femseptcombi in the following countries:

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In women with no previous history of VTE, but having a first-degree relative with a history of thrombosis at a young age, screening may be proposed after a thorough review of its limitations (only certain thrombophilic abnormalities).

After opening the pouch, detach half of the protective sheet, taking care not to touch the adhesive part of the patch. Apply immediately to the skin. Detach the other part of the protection sheet and firmly press the patch with the palm of your hand for at least 30 seconds with emphasis on the edges. The pressure and warmth of the hand are essential to ensure optimal adhesiveness of the device.

Femseptcombi is a transdermal patch (4) based on Estradiol + levonorgestrel (50 μg / 10 μg / 24 hours). Marketing authorization on 09/27/2000 by THERAMEX FRANCE at the price of 9,63 €.

Skin reactions (itching, irritation, redness) at the application site. These signs are not serious and they usually disappear 2 or 3 days after removal of the transdermal patch. If they persist, place the patch on another site.

FEMSEPTCOMBI 50 micrograms / 10 micrograms / 24 hours transdermal patch should be applied immediately after removal from pouch.

However, the combined versions of HRT also contain progesterone, to promote a hormonal balance. An increase in estrogen levels in women who have not had a hysterectomy may lead to an increased risk of endometrial cancer. The synthetic hormones progesterone can therefore play a protective role in balancing the level of estrogen.

Menopause is a natural process that when women reach a certain age and is a completely natural stage of aging. During this process, the reproductive system of the woman undergoes various changes. The ovaries begin to stop producing an egg each month, which means that the risk of getting pregnant is greatly reduced. In addition, menopause is characterized by a gradual decrease in menstrual bleeding, which, after a while, stops completely. This is due to a change in the frequency with which the lining of the uterine wall is built.

Single hormone therapies contain only estrogen. They help reduce the symptoms of menopause and will usually be prescribed to women who have had a hysterectomy.

THS versions containing only estrogen will be given to women who have had surgery for removal of the uterus and are therefore not concerned about the risk of developing endometrial cancer.

Theramex and Innovis Pharma announce their partnership for the promotion and distribution of Actonel® in Greece & Cyprus.

But who is concerned exactly? In the first place, people with Parkinson's disease, which number 150,000 in France: Sinemet, an antiparkinsonian "used by more than 40% of patients" according to Le Parisien, is out of stock. Patients and doctors sound the alarm. Some anticancer drugs, such as Aracytine (leukemia) or Hexastat (ovarian cancer) are also not found. Among the vaccines, that of BCG (tuberculosis), Ticovac (tick encephalitis) and DT Vax (diphtheria and tetanus) are missing. Similarly for the anesthetic Propofol. Here is the complete list drawn up by the ANSM of drugs out of stock:

In France, the shortage of drugs reaches unprecedented levels: the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) explains indeed to have received not less than 530 reports of treatments out of stock or difficulties in supplying drugs. 2017, compared to 44 in 2008. Anticancer drugs, vaccines, antibiotics, anesthetics. According to the National Association of Pharmacists, in September 2018, 431 drugs were missing in pharmacies and hospitals, much to the chagrin of patients.

How can we explain this shortage? By the "delocalization of production" according to Le Parisien, since "70% of the active ingredients, the molecules at the base of the treatments, are manufactured in the United States or in Asia, on a limited number of sites. factory is the disaster. "Several factories" had to close [their] doors, the time to get back to the standards, "which resulted in" a significant drop in production. " Until the situation is unblocked, patients are advised to consult their general practitioner to try to find alternatives.

FEMSEPTCOMBI should be applied in a location that does not have significant skin folds, such as the buttocks or hips, and is not subject to friction (avoid waist circumference and tight clothing)..

If any of the following conditions occur, have occurred previously and / or worsened during pregnancy or previous hormonal treatment, the patient should be closely monitored. The following conditions may reappear or worsen during treatment with FEMSEPTCOMBI, in particular:

This is more of a fact that we believe that the human person is fundamentally characterized by openness on the other, and less on the biological-genetic kinship. However, if the patient refuses to inform his family and the counsellor can not get his consent, it is possible that the counsellor gets a problem of conscience.

Where privacy becomes "privatism" and cuts itself fundamentally off any form of social contact, this kind of privacy is in contradiction with a well understood personalism.

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