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The other battle, fought on 2 August 47 (on the Roman calendar; the date of the battle of Cannae) or 21 May BCE (on our calendar), became famous because of the Roman general, Gaius Julius Caesar, famous words veni, v> note [The story is told by the anonymous author of the Alexandrine War.]

After the overthrow of the Achaemenid Empire by Alexander the Great (336-323), the district belonged to the zone of influence of the Seleucid Empire, but after the Peace of Apamea in 188, it was part of the kingdom of Pontus.

Zela is an old city. In the nineteenth century BCE, Assyrian merchants who were trading with Anatolia, recorded the name of the road station and called it Durchamit. A couple of centuries later, a town called Durmitta is mentioned in Hittite texts. After the Persian king Cyrus the Great had conquered Cappadocia in the mid-sixth century, the town became an important cult of the Iranian water goddess Anahita, and retained some autonomy. Its high priest was recognized as a ruler of what was called Zelonitis. The Graeco-Roman Author Strabo, a native of nearby Amasia, explains how the sanctuary was founded:

In the neighborhood of the town, the kings of Pontus and the Romans fought for two major battles. In 67 BCE, Mithr> note [Strabo, Geography 11.8.5.]

Wir freuen uns unser diesjährige Team vorzustellen und können es kaum erwarten euch am 16. Juni beim Vortreffen kennen zu lernen oder auch wiederzusehen.

A key element in sustainable development is ensuring a healthy lifestyle and promoting well-being for all ages..

The Sustainable Development Goals are a kind of call to action emanating from all countries - poor, rich and moderately developed. It aims to improve well-being and protect our planet. States recognize that poverty eradication measures must be taken in parallel with efforts to increase economic growth and address a range of issues in education, health, social protection and employment, and..

The largest number of problems associated with income tax, for obvious reasons, always causes cost accounting. During the course of the period of the tax code of the United States of America We can say that these are fundamental, system-forming problems, the most specific situations with taxpayer expenses. Of course, the answers to them should be clearly formulated in the Code, but until this happens, we, tax consultants, accountants and auditors, will have to solve these problems independently, actually reading the Code between the lines.

It should be noted that there is a number of exceptions to this rule. It is easy to see that the tax code of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. So, it is definitely not economically feasible, and is not connected to any way with income generating activities. Article 252 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, then in this case, the need for their introduction to the state tax policy. Conventionally, such expenses may be divided into several categories, in particular:

Secondly, it should be noted that in the Methodological Guidelines of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Russian Federation on the Application of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the principle under consideration is significantly distorted. In accordance with Section 5 of the Methodological Recommendations, "economically justified costs should be included in the achievement of the goals of generating income, satisfying the principle of rationality and due to the customs of business turnover".

Moreover, in the context of the procedure for the application of unified forms of primary accounting documentation, approved by Decree of the Goskomstat of Russia dated March 24, 1999 No. 20 forms for accounting for cash transactions) approved by the Goskomstat of Russia. Moreover, all details of such forms remain unchanged (including code, form number, document name). Removal of individual details from unified forms is not allowed. Amendments in accordance with this document should be drawn up by the organizational and administrative document of the organization.

The payment of monthly advance payments is made on the basis of a third party payment..

I removed the configuration from the support, put in the directory Keys of cost accounting analytics the ability to manually select the unit.

In the document BU-NU Operations, Separate VAT accounting for the keys in all positions (set the unit), but there is no way to re-transmit this document, only "close and write down". Accordingly, when carrying the document Requirement - Invoice, the error "All the same, 1.000 goods were not written off for the purposes of VAT accounting.".

Configuration 1C Accounting KORP switched from 8.2 The company has a parent organization and a branch. Since 01/01/2014, the flag for accounting and accounting. Closed 2013 year. We launched the transition to separate accounting for the parent organization and the branch. Documents of Operation BU-NU were created in which the movements of the VAT registers for acquired values ​​and the Separate VAT accounting are displayed. In the document with the register Keys of analytics of cost accounting since 01.01.2014, when capitalizing the item when generating the key, the unit is registered.

When planning a solution to a problem, a rule, a graphic image of a tree is used. In this image, the tree has an inverted view, where the "trunk" represents the top of the graph and is located at the very top. And from it, peaks, aspirations of subsequent growth levels, forming a crown.

A man thoroughly approaches the matter. He asks himself questions - what does he need next year? What would he like to live for? What would you like to find? Where to be, and what to achieve? After which he gives himself answers, passing questions through the prism of personal values, and forms a goal. Writing it on paper, he once again understand his task and visualizes it. It can be used in writing, one might say, makes a memo for itself, which serves the future as an additional incentive. A man thinks how to become better. After all, the goal is the final result of the desire. And it is impossible without the desire to improve yourself or your life. Making a list of goals for the whole year, a person once again evaluates his abilities, resources, abilities and thinks how and what will he work for the sake of the result.

Lose weight. Start writing a book. Stop procrastinating - put off affairs and dreams for later. To love. To find true happiness. Get a tattoo. Spontaneously rush into a journey, deciding it literally in one second. Start blogging or diary. Learn to save. Read a lot of books. It is interesting and active to live.

Also in this block of the list of goals for the whole year you can include reading thematic books, practice of various meditations and conditions, watching developing readings and programs.

In general, the list of goals for a person of a particular nature includes tasks that are not only of particular value to a person, but in most cases require some effort and work on themselves. It also includes dreams and hopes..